Thursday, 16 June 2016


One of the pleasurable parts of my job is that I must go to the cinema on a regular basis to see all manner of films. However, it's not often that I get to see work that I have played a major role in on the big screen. And when I say big, boy, I mean big!

For the past two years I have been gradually leading a group of young minds, from around 6 years old all the way up to 18, on a journey, in how to understand film, how films are made, and ultimately to then make their own film. In the past 24 months they have completed several movies, the most recent collection of which have been submitted to a film festival in London. We will find out if any of the six entered have been nominated by the end of July. If so, we're off to the Odeon, Leicester Square at the end of September.

But feet firmly back on the ground for a moment. Last Sunday it was time to showcase all the work the students have done in their time under my wing, to their parents and friends. We decided to kick off the event with photographs on the red carpet, complete with a seven foot high Oscar statue! The young students looked the part, and some were already versed in posing for the photographers in different directions. You could tell who loved the camera!

The students had put in an enormous amount of work over the past year on their festival film entries, and it was a thrill to watch them work over the months, as they put into practice their newfound knowledge. To say I felt very proud of them doesn't come close. Once we wrapped the shoots it came down to me sat in front of the edit suite, for three whole months, to piece their work together, and then to assemble everything into a memorable screening event for Sunday.

It's all about the kids of course. Their sheer joy at the whole event said it all.  You can't repeat those moments.

London would be the second red carpet event. They say everything happens in threes, so I guess that just leaves LA for the Oscars!

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