Thursday, 9 June 2016


If you're a regular reader you'll know that I have been on a long health and fitness recovery. Part of that has been dealing with the effects of hyperthyroidism, a symptom of which is rapid weight loss.

Don't get me wrong, it was kind of nice to be down to the weight I was as a teenager, but then to keep going down, well, that was something quite different.

So for the past five months I've made gradual progress to correcting this symptom, taking a special medication to combat it. Two days ago I returned to the endocrinologist consultant to discover that the drugs have had a very fast and positive effect. In fact too good. I've now slipped the other way. I had been puzzling for a month or so now why, given that I mostly eat healthily, my weight was continually creeping upwards. As a result the meds have been cut in half again, and though it is usual to be on them for a course of 18 months, the consultant is hoping that I will be off them well before Christmas. Half the normal course. Here's hoping so I don't have to have needles jabbed in my arms for blood every 6 weeks.

Progress has also been made this week in completing my responsibilities to the performing arts academy I regularly teach Film and TV at. This Sunday sees a red carpet event, when all the students films over the past 2 years will be screened to an invited audience of over 500. The pressure's on though. Just a couple of days to go when today at the rehearsal three of the films didn't play correctly. Of course, as the responsibility of the whole show rests firmly on my shoulders, I'm now quite nervous as there are no more rehearsals.

They do say though, bad rehearsal, great show. Tuxedo at the ready. Can't wait.

Progress on the car front too. After last weeks scare of those badly worn tyres, I find when I make progress along the road now I am being more cautious than usual going over the speed bumps in the road, in case I knock the wheels out of alignment again. That was quite a shock to see those tyres.

Jeez! All things considered, I think I may well have used up my 9 lives this past 12 months!

Hopefully I won't die of nerves at the screening on Sunday!

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