Thursday, 14 January 2016


After my blog of two weeks ago, reflecting on the chaos of my life during 2015, I had hoped that 2016 would literally be a new beginning. But we've started off with yet more complications, discovered just last Sunday.

When I was admitted to Lander General Hospital in Wyoming, the carried out a reading of my heart function, producing a graph. From this they diagnosed that I had a right bundle branch blockage, which is basically electrical signals taking longer to get through the right side of the muscle. On the right it's not much to worry about.

Last Sunday, whilst in hospital for yet more blood tests, they carried out another heart reading, and discovered that the hospital in Wyoming had wrongly diagnosed me. I have in fact got a LEFT bundle branch blockage, which is more serious. The rhythm seems fine, so they are not unduly concerned at this stage, but I am now waiting on an echo cardiogram to be carried out to determine the overall health of me heart, and how at risk I am.

Whilst seeing a new consultant last week, for the very first time I was told something that I have suspected all along. All of the problems that have arisen in the past six months, including this heart defect, all stem from the bicycle crash. It's small comfort, but I like having all the information, so I can use it to best determine the way forward.

I feel now, with all the expert help of the NHS, I am on the final approach to recovery, and last Saturday saw me back for the start of the second term at PQA, teaching eager young students the art of film making. The numbers have swelled over the holidays and we now have just short of 140 kids aged 5 to 18.

In the term before Christmas the three groups of different ages have been working hard toward creating a short film to enter into a film festival. For the next three weeks they will attempt to turn what is on paper into a visual reality on screen.

With a little help from me, of course.

I said in my blog two weeks ago that I had stopped making plans, but that's not strictly true. For a start there is my invite to talk at the ACA 40th anniversary in Missoula, Montana in July. But I'm also a little fed up of still not being back on my bike, so, I've set myself a goal (as opposed to a plan) of taking to the saddle the day after my next hospital consultancy on the 3 February.

Fingers crossed.

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