Thursday, 17 April 2014


This afternoon I'm doing a little sewing. Not very interesting in itself, but let me explain.

Some time ago I wrote about a forthcoming plan to lose some weight. That was about three months ago and since then, well, I've done nothing about it.

Until Saturday, last weekend.

I had arranged a meeting this week for a possible new short term contract, and as I don't possess a suit I thought I would buy a good quality dress shirt for the occasion. So on Saturday I wandered up to a local clothing store and quickly found one in a medium size that I liked, and took this to the fitting rooms.

Inside the cubicle were an arrangement of mirrors that are carefully arranged so as to show you all angles of your body. I tried the shirt on and to my dismay found it was too tight. I then tried on the same style in large and this fitted.  It has been a very long time since medium did not fit me.  Just to make sure I tried the medium on again, but alas, it was definitely too tight. Disappointed, I exaggerated my tummy bulge by artificially pushing it out and off flew the top button of my trousers, pinging off the mirror.

That was it. I was on a mission.

I was seeing friends that evening and took the remaining biscuits and cakes from my kitchen and handed them over to my friends to consume. On the same day I went into overdrive with my food plan.

For this past week, every day, I have been eating porridge in the morning made with fat-free milk, then either a salad or my own homemade soup for lunch, and in the evening a plate of homemade roasted veg with brown rice. No snacks of any kind, and copious amounts of water.

As well as this new food plan I'm doing a number of stomach curls first thing in the morning and again last thing at night (I'm building up the number) and go for a one-hour bike ride up a nearby hill called Arthurs Seat, which has a very steep approach and pushes my heart rate up for good period of time. Tomorrow I'm off for a five-hour ride through the nearby Pentland Hills range.

Just before I sat down to write this blog I decided to weigh myself. I wasn't expecting any change at all, but to my surprise I've dropped just over one kilo, about 2lbs!!!  OK, so it's early days, but that was a nice surprise.  Prior to starting this I was aware that I was over my ideal weight by about 5kilos, but I wasn't gaining anymore over the past few months, so I was fairly confident I might lose it quickly. Update to follow.

Now to finish sewing that button back on!


Pauline said...

You could also try cycling across America again. Pauline

Graham Kitchener said...

You offering?

As an update I'm down by almost 2kilos. Woohoo! Gotta keep it off though :-(