Friday, 3 August 2012


Nick Knowles presents a TV programme here in the UK that is all about coming to the rescue of people in the midst of a DIY project that has hit disaster.

In the past few weeks I've been working away on a renovation that's grown arms and legs. The timing couldn't have been worse as, if you read last week's blog, you'll know I am now 7 days away from the first screening of my feature film . . . and it isn't even ready yet.

At first glance the renovation job seemed fairly straight forward, but as I started to delve closer I could see there was a lot of work ahead.

Every room in the apartment required attention to varying degrees: a complete floor sand in the kitchen; tiles coming off in the bathroom; windows losing their seal in the lounge. Even the outdoor space needs attention, with the garden badly overgrown and full of accumulated and unwanted items.

Add into that this week: I have a film making class I run every Friday afternoon and this Saturday is the local monthly farmers' market, for which I am coordinator.

I like being busy though. It's good, but this has been some week of juggling. I have been very lucky though, as Pauline was able to help out and turn the garden back into the sublime little haven it used to be. I couldn't have done as good a job as she has done. Give me a floor to sand or a door to hang and I'm your man, but gardens?!  Not in my skillset.

Tomorrow the market will be over for another month, and the day after the film will be out of my hands for a week as it goes for testing to the Cameo cinema.

In the nerve racking lead up to the screening of my film next Saturday I will be sanding away, tiling, grouting, painting, nailing, and a multitude of other tasks in bringing the apartment back to pristine condition.

Nick, if you're reading, give me a call.

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