Wednesday, 2 May 2012

If it's not broken, don't fix it!

Are you like me that when something that was perfectly good just the way it was some bright spark decides to change it!?

I've been writing a regular blog now for almost 3 years, and on average it attracts about 800 to 1000 hits per month, which is great and makes it all worth while. Well, Blogger, part of the behemoth that is Google, decided to change the way we bloggers create posts. The old way was perfectly good, and very user friendly. In advance of these changes Google informed us that the new look would be both easier to use and more user friendly.

It isn't.

In fact it's a right royal pain in the behind. Tasks that took one click to achieve now take several, and certain aspects of it don't work at all. Placing a photograph exactly where you want it for example is almost impossible and very frustrating.

But it seems this is the way of things in our modern society. I'm not a regular Facebook user but I hear constant moans about Facebook making continual changes, and the change is never better I'm reliably told.

And banks. Just today I had to call my bank. It's very close by, less than a 10 minute walk from my house. I dialled the local number only for it to be answered by a recorded message with "you now have 5 options". Turns out that despite the local number all calls are now routed to a call handling centre. A person eventually answered and when I asked to speak to the person in the bank they had no idea who it was! I was asked what his position was in the bank, and why was I phoning him, and so it went on. Then I was asked for my account number, sort code and address. Finally she asked me to hold while she transferred me. I waited. Waited some more. Then she came back to tell me sorry, but the number is engaged and could I call back later.


I would have been quicker walking along!

What was wrong with the old way? Phone the bank, someone answers, I tell them what I need. Job done in a tenth of the time.

Supermarkets are at it as well. Locally we have a small one which this week has decided to close for 2 days while it moves everything around so that none of it's regular customers will be able to find anything anymore.

Just leave it alone!

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