Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wish I'd never started

Ever had what you think is a good idea, only to later regret it?

For some time now the entrance door to the communal stair that my apartment is contained within has been in need of a fresh lick of paint. So, a few days ago I set about doing just that. By the time I'd scraped, sanded, filled, sanded again and primed, I was pretty fed up. So much so it has remained a work in progress for the past couple of weeks.

You'd think the frustration with this project would stick in my head. However . . .

Also for some time now, in fact I would say for the past few years, various parts of the apartment have been looking tired and need of a remodel. It was my good friend Pauline, currently pedaling furiously north through Italy, who had drawn my attention to this fact before she left in 2010. Over time when you live with something for a while you tend not to see the bits and pieces that need attention, but when I returned from the USA last October it was glaringly obvious.

So it was with hammer and chisel in hand, and a rough plan, that I set about removing an old pipe box. On doing so I damaged the ceiling. So, down came the ceiling. In doing that I managed to break one of the light fitting assemblies! Now the kitchen is covered in a constant layer of fine dust and the task ahead is daunting. Not only am I going to have reinstate the ceiling with new, but now also the lighting.

Then I had a bright idea to create a feature on one wall.

The good news is I can shut the door and ignore it. Maybe by the time Pauline cycles back into Edinburgh in two months time I might have finished it.

But then again . . .

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