Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Groundhog Day!

It's been a busy time recently. Together with a screenwriting friend, Innes McQuillin, I'm working on an animation short script for a new product launching through a Glasgow marketing firm. It's the first time I've tackled such a medium. It's strange not building-up to working with a full crew, out on location, but instead sitting in front of a 27" computer screen!

However, this week did see me directing again with a crew. Just for 2 days, at 2 different locations, but it was great to be back on set again. This was the first such piece of work since returning from America in October after my epic bike trip.

Of course, it hasn't exactly been boring in between. I continue to support my fellow adventure cyclist Pauline as her base camp manager. She is currently in New Zealand and will shortly head for Australia. The edit of the feature length documentary of our Trans-American adventure has been taking up the rest of my free time. The fundraising push has started, albeit slow, and to date we've raised $1415 toward our target (IndieGoGo link on the right). To some it may seem like a large target, but when you consider that a feature film documentary will be made for this then it's a drop in the ocean.

Recently, the Adventure Cycling Association in Missoula, Montana, ran a great article on us, thanks to one of our friends there, Jennifer. You can read the article here.

Before I set off on the bicycle trip I had an ambition to visit the small town of Woodstock, not far from Chicago. In the event we bypassed Chicago by staying north and crossing Ontario. I'd wanted to visit there because the town was the location for the Bill Murray film, Groundhog Day. There are a number of Groundhog Day celebrations in America now, but the most famous is in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, home of the most famous of all groundhogs, Phil.

I love this film so much, and the event itself, that on Thursday 2nd February, in my small apartment in Edinburgh City, Scotland, I will be celebrating with a nice meal and watching the film.

Will Phil see his shadow signalling 6 more weeks of winter, or will it be an early spring?

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