Thursday, 2 July 2009

Free electricity!

Following on from my last post I thought I'd share with you a great product I just bought.

Recently I purchased the new iphone 3GS.  A great gadget.  Lots of fun.  Only one problem; you need to charge it EVERY day.  So you can imagine how that goes against everything I was saying about our contribution to climate change.

I also own an ipod, a compact camera, and several other gadgets that all have rechargeable batteries in them, so the carbon footprint was starting to look bad.  the worst one of all though is the iphone.

So I started a search and found a company called, surprise surprise, Solar Technology (their website is www.  They provide all sorts of solar cells, but they make one called the Freeloader.  Now I've actually tried a few other mobile, pocket size solar chargers, and to be honest they only charged a few things, and not very well.

I decided to stump up the extra money and buy the Freeloader Pro.  At £60 not the cheapest product around, but this was about being environmentally friendly and efficient.

Well, I have to report . . . it's amazing!  Charges very quickly (even on a cloudy day!) and connects to virtually everything.  The cunning part is with the Pro version you get something called the Camcaddy, which allows you to charge virtually any camera battery, even video.  There's even an additional attachment you can buy that will allow you to charge AA and AAA batteries!

I think we should all invest in such a product.  Imagine collectively what that could do toward reducing our energy consumption.

I for one feel quite smug that I now get free electricity, not just at home, but on holiday, camping, hillwalking or biking.  For once a great product that actually works and does what it says on the tin.


Graham Clarkson said...

Hi Kitch, some nice writing there, keep it going! I'll tel my brother about the solar charger, he's always moaning about his iphone being out of battery.

Graham Clarkson said...

My comment seems to have come under Graham's account, not sure why!!! Gary