Saturday, 4 July 2009

Calling God on the big white porcelain telephone

I'm very tired today.  In fact I'd go as far as saying I'm exhausted.  At 3am this morning I was up, out of bed, hand clamped firmly over my mouth, running for the bathroom.  Yep, my stomach muscles were convulsing and I was treated to seeing the previous days consumed items again!

Three years ago I used to run a deli and coffee shop and I knew a thing or two about food poisoning.  For instance, did you know two of the highest risks of food poisoning are left over rice and left over pizza?  For some reason this knowledge deserted me last night and I tucked into cold pizza that had been sitting out in a warm humid atmosphere for three hours!


So, at 3am this morning, and on the hour, every hour 'til 8am, there I was shouting "oh God" and a deep throated "Ralph!" down the big white porcelain telephone!

So today has been a day of quiet, of sipping water gradually and the odd bit of toast.  Your body is an amazing thing, having this ability to rid itself of unwanted items in a quite dramatic fashion.  What a pity it hasn't worked out a path for it to leave your body that doesn't involve a third of it trying to force itself, unsuccessfully, through your nose.

Well hopefully you're not reading this over breakfast.  I for one am looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight and bacon croissants and coffee in the morning.  It may be a while before I enjoy pizza again.

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