Friday, 26 May 2017


Last week I blogged on the wide variety of wildlife in my garden and surrounds. Well, that number has swollen considerably.

The weather has been particularly nice in Edinburgh for the whole of the week, and though we are in desperate need of rain soon, it makes a pleasant change to be able to have breakfast in the garden.

Before I settle down to my own though, the wildlife feeding comes first. I'm still putting out the usual amount, but now there are many more mouths to feed. The Starlings have fledglings! They are a demanding lot, screeching for attention, and competing with the Sparrows fledglings for the seeds and mealworms. Mmmm, yum.

The mouse also needs to get his breakfast of course, but as the photo below shows, he's both daring, coming out while I'm stood right in front of him, and adaptable. The birds don't seem that interested in the high fat content peanuts at this time of year, so more for the mouse I guess. Can you spot him?

The temperature gradually rose as the week progressed, peaking today at 25C (77F), which for Scotland is a heat wave! With very little wind it was the perfect weather to get out on my bike.

And that is how the week ends, meeting Pauline after her work, on the other side of the city, for a joint cycle home. Through the back streets and various small wooded glens, through tunnels of pale green leafed trees and a backdrop of bird song, past children playing in the river, Tom Sawyer-like.

The route home was a strangled one, strangely with more uphill than on my way out. Strange, because I left from sea level. However, it had to be Pauline's choice, as today is also a birthday of a different kind, that of my good friend, and neighbour, Pauline.

Traditionally we take on the pleasurable task of providing a birthday supper, and though mine is only pizza and a movie, there is a special little something. She has a favourite sweet that I very occasionally make, which is a chocolate pecan torte. She thinks I'll have been out buying a Marks & Spencers gluten free cake today, but little does she know what awaits. Of course I also get to indulge.

The birds are happy with their mealworms, and Pauline will be delighted with her chocolate indulgence I'm guessing.

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