Thursday, 17 December 2015


At the end of September a local power station was taken into the first stages of demolition when it's chimneys were brought down in spectacular style. You can see my film of the event at this link on Youtube

After the collapse, the thousands of people covering every square inch of the best viewing areas, waited with baited breath for the massive turbine hall to follow it.

And waited.

And waited.

Until a Tweet from the Scottish Power company came through stating their intent to demolish the main building, the turbine hall, in December.

This afternoon I was out having coffee with a friend at my favourite Portobello coffee shop, The Tide. As we left the place and stepped out into a sunny afternoon, right in front of us, across the other side of the bay, was a massive cloud of dust. The turbine hall had been demolished. Hardly anyone was there to see it come down. I personally would have liked to film it, but the chance has been lost.

Strange they never followed up with another announcement.

Here is the turbine hall on YouTube coming down today, filmed by Jim Ramsay. 

On Tuesday of this week I made my own statement of intent. As you may well know I had a serious cycle accident in July, and everything that followed, at one stage threatening my life. I continue to be very nervous at the thought of getting back on a bike, but they do say, that if you come off a horse you have to get right back on the saddle.

Trouble is I haven't been well enough to even attempt this, but recently things have started improving rapidly, thanks partly to medication and the care of the NHS physios.

So I took a big step, for me, in the progress of my recovery, and I bought a new helmet to replace the one that was destroyed in Wyoming. It's super lightweight, very ventilated and comes with a beak on the front to keep the sun off my face.

OK, so I haven't actually been on a bike yet, but Christmas is just around the corner.

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