Thursday, 9 July 2015


180 is a number of some significance for me right now. It also has some relevance in general as well.

It's the number of degrees that a triangle adds up to.

It's the highest score in one round of darts.

And in biblical terms Isaac is said to have lived to 180.

However, for me it represents the almost biblical number of individual items that I have recently assembled and packed into just four panniers in readiness for a new cycle adventure.

Part of this set up has been the purchase of an all new bike by Specialized, called the Crosstrail Comp Disc. It is a hybrid-type bicycle fitted with hydraulic disc brakes and large 28" wheels, suitable for all manner of terrains, from hard paved roads to off-road trails. However, just recently I discovered that its gear ratios do not have very low gears, which are crucial if you're ascending steep terrain with 20kilos of kit strapped to the bike. Add to this the addition of a trailer in the form of the Extra Wheel (to take the largest panniers off the bike), pictured below, and we're talking needing a very wide range of gears.

Finally, after much research and mathematical calculations, the two-ring front gear set are being changed for a three-ring set up, thus giving me super low ratios for the steep hills. This now gives me 30 accessible gears with the additional small front ring. A granny ring, I think the bike store guy called it!

So with all the bike gear, camping kit, maps, filming equipment, the bicycle itself, the trailer and me, it all adds up to 127kilos.

So why? Where am I bound for? Clearly I'm shooting a film with all the camera gear on board. Well, suffice to say this new adventure will take me five weeks through some incredible landscapes and snow capped mountains. So be sure to check in next week when I'll reveal the plan as I set out on a 1000 mile pedal.

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