Thursday, 25 June 2015


It seems every time I meet anyone I know that is the first question. Nice they remember and are curious, but I thought I'd do a short blog this week to update everyone.

It was on the 20 March that I underwent three procedures on my right great toe to correct it's alignment, alleviate pain in the main joint and improve its movement. For those medically minded out there the three procedures were, an Akin, A Scarf and a cheilectomy.

To say there was swelling afterward is an understatement. The great toe itself was easily twice the size of the left one, and it was all wrapped up for two weeks in a dressing that made it look like I was wearing a giant ski boot underneath.

Back then I was told that after three months everything would be back to normal. That three month mark passed last Friday.

Everything is not back to normal.

There is still significant swelling which causes a fair amount of pain, and if I am on my feet all day then that swelling increases. That said though the pain level in the joint is all but gone, so there is good improvement. Flexibility was predicted to be about 70% but in reality I would say it's more like 20%. Though that is a disappointment it was reducing the pain that was the priority.

Based on the three month prediction I set about organising a challenging adventure on my bicycle, as a reward to myself for getting through the recovery. That adventure starts in two weeks time! I've been out training on my bike for the past few weeks, and my fitness has improved slightly, but I'm going to fall short of where I need to be for this new adventure. I'll tell you all about it on the 17 July. Meanwhile I'm off for a three-day cycle in the Scottish Highlands this week to try and push my fitness up another notch.

So overall I would say that although it has taken longer than I had hoped, it is going in the right direction. I'm not the most patient person in the world, but in things like this there is no choice.

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