Friday, 15 May 2015


A familiar cry at boxing tournaments, indicating the fight is about to start and the opponents will meet head to head, and try to find out each others weaknesses in order to, ultimately, win.

Over the past week I have spent a small fortune on a new project. A project that I would say I am passionate about though frustrated with at the same time.

The small fortune has been spent on the following:

100m of thin wire
300 x 3ft green canes
A 50m x 1m roll of medium gauge green chicken wire
Plastic rods impregnated with citrus
20 Caleus Canina plants
200 small cable ties
Pepper powder deterrent
40 x 500mm lengths of plastic spikes
And an infrared CCTV camera with radio transmission

For what you may be asking? Well, let me tell you:

Felis Catus!

Or as I like to call them, those pesky (or other alternative word!) neighbours cats!! One cat in particular is driving me mad, as nothing I seem to do keeps it out.

We pride ourselves on the great little garden we have created, an oasis for bird life, and more recently our wood mice. The planting carried out recently looks fantastic as it bursts into new and colourful growth.

Unfortunately it is overshadowed by the pungent odour of cat faeces and pee!

On one side of the garden is a 15foot high wall. Atop this I have now installed row upon row of plastic anti-climb spikes, designed specifically to deter cats.

The cat walked on them.

And today I have placed hundreds of long garden canes, plus wire strung between them, atop the natural garden fencing on the opposite side.

The cat pushed through them.

The CCTV records the garden activity during the night when they are most likely to come out. However today when I took a short break for a cup of tea, guess who took the opportunity to come through the half-finished work in broad daylight!

It is clearly a fight I am losing. I have no idea what to do next. Most likely throw in the towel.

Or buy a dog!

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