Thursday, 30 April 2015


To start this weeks blog about unexpected surprises, I'll start with a funny story told by a Scottish comedian called Billy Connolly. A word of warning though; if you've just eaten I'd leave this until later:

A drunk man gets onto a bus and staggers upstairs. After asking the top deck if it was a song they wanted, as they were all staring at him, he proceeds towards the back of the bus, being thrown side to side by both the motion of the bus and his inebriated state. He begins to feel nauseous, and clearly he is about to vomit. As the bus lurches to a stop he loses control and covers a woman's handbag. He staggers back, pointing at the handbag and exclaims, "I don't remember eating that!".

Billy Connolly tells it better of course, and a bit more colourful.
A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog all about the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping. After saying that I too shopped online, and that I found it convenient for the things I couldn't buy locally, let me share with you just such a process that occurred last week.

I ordered two different products from two different companies, all in connection with my film making. As I needed both items quickly I paid the extra for expedited delivery.

The first item was a BluRay called Boyhood. The film had been a big gamble by director Richard Linklater, taking nine years to film. I'd seen the film before in the cinema and had very much enjoyed it, so I was keen to own it on BluRay. Here's what arrived:

I would have had a use for 20 till rolls had I still owned the deli!

The day before this package arrived I had ordered a set of dry wipe pens, cleaning fluid and an eraser. Not very exciting I'll grant you, but practical. Within two days the package arrived, just in time for my film teaching class on the Saturday. I loaded up the car and set off for the academy. On arrival I set up the wipe board and opened the box. This is what was inside:

I don't even drink beer

Today, finally, the correct item arrived. Not much of a difference I guess!

It just goes to show that surprises come in all disguises.

Hopefully I'll do better now that I am also a seller on Amazon as of yesterday. Mind you, I only have one product so how hard can it be?

If you're interested click on the links below.  (UK and European market) (US market)

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