Friday, 17 January 2014


OK, so by now I should be writing all about the first week of my new food plan.

But I haven't started yet.

My excuse is that tonight I'm meeting up with friends for pizza, chat and a movie, so that would have spoilt it.  Sounds reasonable to me.

I'll bet I'm not alone. How's your New Year resolutions going, hmmm?

I've been pretty good so far with my "list" of things to tackle in the new year. I love a list:

1/ Put up an outside light in the garden. Done, even though I've been putting it off for 20 years!

2/ Sand down the rust on the bodywork on my van. Done, put off from last January.

3/ Edit a film for a friends round the world cycle. Done, though she did finish back in 2012.

Feels good to get them all done, and done well.  There are still things to tackle in my all encompassing list for the first part of this year though:

Clear out all the unwanted clutter in the apartment (that could take a while with 25 years of gathering); renovate my bedroom (that's been on "the list" since mid 2010); get super fit (OK, so somethings are unrealistic); build 3 new websites promoting my businesses skills; create lots of photo books covering all my outdoor adventures of the last 18 years; finish my feature script that I started back in 2002!!!

Oh, and improve my diet and lose weight of course.

There's always tomorrow.

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