Wednesday, 24 July 2013

It's not easy being green

You're probably thinking that I've not posted for 10 days because I've been really busy again. Nope. Just out enjoying the unprecedented summer sunshine. Inspired by Chris Froome's success in the Tour de France, I've been out on my bicycle most days, creating a strange looking tan that goes from my wrists to half way between my elbow and shoulder, and from my knees to my ankles. Pauline, my adventure buddy, has been out on her kayak in the Highlands, and if you'd like to read about her adventures then go to her blog here.

The past few summers in the UK, going back as far as 2007, have been primarily wet, at times causing major flooding. The reason for this damp patch was quite simple: the jet stream had shifted from it's normal position of north of the country, to the south, pulling in low pressure systems on a daily basis.

We get a pretty large amount of rainfall as it is in Scotland, but without it, the rivers would not run with the crystal clear waters that go to making our famous Scotch whisky, and the landscape would not be as green and lush as it is.

But the last two weeks have turned that green landscape into a shade more akin to sandpaper. Then, yesterday, it broke. All that moisture and heat gathered together and created an hour-long thunder and lightning storm to rival any that I had seen in America on my big cycle adventure with Pauline.

Speaking of which, we have enjoyed a few weeks off the talk show tour, but we're back treading the boards again this week with two shows back to back. The first is on the beautiful island of Mull, then the following night we're back on the mainland in the town of Oban. We're really looking forward to being back on the west coast of Scotland, and after the two shows we'll spend a couple of days trekking in the mountains. 

Hopefully they're still a little green.

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