Thursday, 21 March 2013

The show must go on

You may recall that the past year and a half have been spent editing and marketing my feature film, Sleepless 'til Seattle.

Well, together with my fellow adventurer Pauline, we've taken it to the next step and developed a talk and presentation all about it, using photographs and film clips from the movie.

It's proving to be quite hard. It's one thing to know the story, and let's face it, we know it inside out. But it's quite another to write a succinct script that tells the journey. Often in the writing we've just stared at each other, not knowing how to word a particular piece.

However, I'm happy to say that we now have the script outline and we are already at the stage of preparing and choosing the video clips and photographs that go with it. Rehearsals are to follow. Hopefully lots of them, but we're running out of time.

The show opens for its first night on 26 April at the local community hall where I live in Portobello, and tickets are already for sale online, so the pressure's on (click here if you want tickets for that event).

You can click on the picture on the right to visit the website and find out more about it and where we're appearing.

As for the film getting in to festivals; so far it's been rejection after rejection with only three left still to notify at the end of April. Thereafter we're pretty confident it will make it into one of the many mountain film festivals.

In the meantime it's curtain up in a month!

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