Thursday, 12 July 2012


I'm a little late this week with my blog posting, but there's a good reason.

As many of you will know I have been busy these past few months editing a feature film documentary about the cycle adventure I did last year with my good friend Pauline.

It took from November last year to February this year to sort through all the footage, all 120 hours of it.

From there I started to cut it down, starting with the interviews. Not so much editing them, just cutting down the volume of footage. This part of the process took two months.

At the end of April I started the actual editing process, taking the cut down footage and creating sequences that told small stories. From there I had to then figure out how to make the connections between all these pieces, at the same time as telling the story of the journey. It seemed an impossible task.

Then, in the middle of June, I finally reached the end of a rough cut. Though running at two and a half hours, the hardest part was done.

Last week I finally had it cut down to 90 minutes, my target time. It was still rough, but this was the first time that a whole film, with a running narrative, was ready to be watched.

The next step was the most difficult, and nerve racking. Yesterday I invited 3 people who have an in depth knowledge of film making, to sit and watch the film and give feedback. The night before I had been up until three in the morning getting it ready. The screening went well, though there is now a long list of fixes to be done.

Today I was cooped up in a recording studio for 4 hours recording all the voice overs in high quality, and the process of editing that starts tomorrow.

The next screening is another milestone for the film. The co-star returns from her two year world cycle. I've not seen Pauline since we parted company after our epic cycle ended last October. I'm looking forward to her thoughts on the film.

Saturday 11 August is the films first screening. It will have to be 99% finished by that point. A test screening is crucial for any film going to market. At the end of that screening I will be able to tell how it will be received and then make changes according to the feedback of the audience.

By the time I'm completely finished it will have taken me a year and a half!

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