Thursday, 14 June 2012

Olympic torch relay

I'm a day later than usual with my blog as I have been waiting for a special event.

Up bright and early this morning and cycling into Edinburgh city centre at 6.30am. I was heading for the Pleasance, one of the areas of the older parts of the city, to capture on film one of the handovers of the Olympic torch.

The day before it had arrived in glorious sunshine across the Forth Road Bridge, carried by round-the-world record-holding cyclist and adventurer Mark Beaumont. It entered the capital to the rapturous applause of thousands of people lining the streets and it's final destination for Wednesday was the castle esplanade where an evening of entertainment had also been laid on.

There had been much speculation about the torch not being well received in Scotland, but everyone has risen to the occasion and the majority have embraced the whole event.

Right on time, at 8.15am, the torch arrived, preceded by much fanfare. I was fortunate to be right beside the handover point, and due to the early hour, and thus less people, I was able to get quite close.

Here's a link to the film I shot:

The torch itself is perforated with 8,000 holes, each representing one of the torch bearers. It has 3 sides represent the Olympic motto of faster, higher, stronger, and the Olympic values of respect, excellence and friendship. Each torch bearer has the option, for a price, to keep the torch that they carry, which I thought was a great idea.

I have to admit feeling a little emotional. It was very inspirational. A small moment in time in history in 2012, and I was there. That felt good.

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