Wednesday, 11 January 2012


What on earth? You won't find the title os this blog in any dictionary, so allow me to explain:

As you are no doubt aware, I took a little trundle on my bicycle across North America recently, with my friend Pauline. We clocked up an impressive 4,300 miles and learned so much about America. We found it's not all hamburgers, baseball and cola!

We also had a bigger task in hand: for over 4 months we strived to film as much as possible of the adventure. There was an amazing variety to capture on camera, from extreme weather and wild bears to the many interviews and wonderful people that helped us along the way.

Now we are assembling the edit of the feature length film that once finished will be entered into film festivals around the world. The whole process has many parts, one of which is raising finance.

So we've launched a campaign on the crowd funding site IndieGoGo, in the hope of raising enough money to finance a music score, animation, legal fees, final sound mic, festival fees, etc.

For this to be successful we need your help. One of the ways you can help us apart from contributing is to pass on the link through your contacts. Hopefully they in turn will pass it on through theirs and so on. Please click on the highlighted link for IndieGoGo or the logo on the left and have a look at what we are trying to achieve. There's a lot of fun rewards for people who contribute.

We're also on Twitter and Facebook and of course the Sleepless 'til Seattle website.

We found America to be warm hearted and generous and it showed us how easy it is to be kind. During these tough times that we live in we found the experience to be uplifting and inspiring. We'd like to pass that on to you and others by bringing the film to the big screen.

Thank you

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