Thursday, 23 June 2011


I've noticed that readership of my blog has started to drop dramatically and I have deduced it is because I went from eclectic topics to basically just one topic: the North American cycle.

So I've decided to revert to my usual style. My blogs are always influenced by every day things that happen, so obviously they will be viewpoints influenced by North America. If you want to know the details of the journey then please click the link on the right to The Bicycle Diaries.

So, in my opinion...

As I've trundled along on my way without a care in the world pretty much, my thoughts become more and more filled with the stuff we fill our lives with. At times unnecessary stuff. In fact, mostly unnecessary stuff.

I wear the same clothes every day, occasionally laundered of course, and change into one other set of clothes in the evening. I've done that for 6 weeks now and frankly, so what? How much of our disposable income do we spend on the latest fashions, only to wear it once and then clutter our closets with them. Oh the horror if we should be seen in last years shoes!

Given the financial state of the world and the ever chaotic weather patterns that are a part of global warming, you'd think we would be looking to simplify and therefore reduce the impact and stress on the planet and ourselves. But I find the opposite is true.

We've all heard of, and used no doubt, the "Drive Thru's" of fast food places, but I was surprised to find Drive Thru's for pharmacies and even banks! A Drive Thru bank for goodness sake! Sounds like a plan for a team of bank robbers! Are we really that lazy that we cannot park and leave the air conditioning of our vehicles to walk 10 feet to a cash machine? It would seem to me that competition for our hard earned money is becoming ever more fierce and there is the perception that if your business does not have a Drive Thru then you're doomed to financial failure.

Of course it's the love of the car that fuels all this. American towns and cities over the last 100 years have taken advantage of the abundant space available, so much so that now towns and cities are spread across vast areas, with very little attention to design and landscaping never mind convenience and they have created an environment where you have to have a car.

And the car is king. I went to McDonalds a few weeks ago and for fun decided I would take my bicycle through the Drive Thru. I was greeted with: "We don't serve bicycles at the Drive Thru, only cars".

Long live the bicycle.

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Roosterruler said...

Oi. The car takeover. A bit sad, in my opinion, as biking makes me so happy.

I think I'd get along with life on the road in terms of clothes. I like wearing the same outfit 2-3 days in a row and can live a week in the same dress. It's a habit I picked up abroad and was dismayed when I learned that, in the wrong crowds, it's frowned upon in American and considered dirty. I guess I now know the solution to my problems! If I want to wear the same clothes each day, go on a bike tour!