Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Countdown to America

I've had a fun week tweeking the website for the big trip ahead, and enjoying increasingly longer runs on the bike. I'm hoping that I can negate the saddle sores before I get stateside.

If you haven't visited the website yet please do. It's a lot of fun. Just click on the clapperboard on the right. I thought given my irrational fear of bears that they should make an appearance on the website, so have fun trying to find them all. I'm pretty sure I wont have any trouble finding them!

You'll be familiar with the term, there's a first time for everything. Well, I seem to be in a phase that I can only call, there's a last time for everything. So many friends are blocking out my diary to meet me for coffee, lunch or dinner to wish me well and get an exclusive. I've never been so popular!

I continue my duties as base camp manager for Pauline, currently on her way to Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. Recently she was having trouble with Bolivian computers and was having no success booking tickets on the Greyhound bus service from Miami to Boston. Using the internet, that so many of us take for granted, I was able to book her seat, buy the ticket and arrange for it to be waiting for her to collect at the Miami Greyhound station. How on earth did we manage before www?

As if the final preparations weren't keeping me busy enough I've also given myself a deadline to rewrite a recent script that I have just finished rewriting. Don't worry, I'm confused too. And if I'm confused as the writer then there really is little hope.

I'm excited to be going on the adventure but I'll also miss home. Well, bits of it anyway. I'm fortunate to live right by the sea, especially with the current good weather, though this does bring out the litter louts. At days end I like nothing better than to stroll along the deserted promenade and admire the man-made landfill site newly created that day! Staten Island has nothing on Porty beach on a sunny day.

18 days, 2 blogs and an inevitable puncture to go.

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