Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Nobody knows anything

In May of 2009 I successfully pitched for a film project with the NHS and by Alzheimer Scotland. By August of that year the script was written and filming began.

I recall writing a blog about the experience at the time and of how pressured and difficult the overall shoot was. Prior to this the script had grown in size due to the enormity of the task of getting across all the information.

By April of 2010 it was through post production and many translations into various languages were produced. I was then distributed and even found it's way onto YouTube, split into its various parts. There was great relief all round when we finally reached the end. Though it had been a fascinating journey into the world of people with dementia, the production itself had been an enormous challenge.

Fast forward almost a year and I am pleased and proud to announce that the IOIC (Institute of Internal Communications) gave the film its gold award for best film. The trophy ceremony takes place on 17 June.

At no time did any of us think that the film would be considered in this way, and apart from the fact that it is a fantastic and valuable tool for carers looking after people with dementia, it is a great that it has received this recognition. It was William Goldman, writer of Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, that once said, "nobody knows anything", meaning you have no idea when making a film how well it will do with your audience.

A friend of mine was involved in his first feature film last autumn and to say it had a low budget is an understatement. However, it is now nominated for a BAFTA for the writers as best newcomers.

Certainly the award for the dementia film is not a BAFTA but it means a great deal to me and all those involved. Hopefully it will also bring the difficult plight of the carers further into the light as well.

Well done to one and all.

"I'd just like to thank my agent, my producer and of course my mum, without who..."

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Miss Understanding said...

Congratulations and well done...this year IOIC, next year The Oscars!