Friday, 7 January 2011


I think the recession must be biting down hard on old Osama and his subsidiaries as it's been quite some time since he has hit the headlines.

Though that in part could be due to the increased efficiency of western nations in their counter-terrorism efforts and increased preemptive attempts at averting any possible situation.

Take for example a recent US visa application: As you would expect these days the initial application is made online and contains the usual raft of questions in relation to why you would like to visit the US; family questions; education and work questions; and of course the means to fund your visit.

What you will find surprising is that the site also encompasses questions in relation to terrorism. For example:
1/ Have you ever been involved in terrorism?
2/ Have you ever been involved in terrorist activities at home or abroad?
3/ Are you a member of any terrorist organisation?

I kid you not! It goes on like this for about 20 questions with an option to say yes or no! Now I'm no expert in these matters but it strikes me that an answer 'yes' to any of these questions would result in you not being able to visit DisneyLand, New York or the Grand Canyon and would most likely result in an all expenses paid one way trip to Guantanamo Bay!

If this is the level of prevention toward a would be terrorist then I think we should be very afraid. Could it be a result of the recession and cutbacks? I hadn't considered that. I wonder if they assemble everyone in a room at some point and ask all terrorists to raise their right hand. Though it could be an attempt by the US at irony, which is great as it's long been believed that they don't get irony. Then again maybe they don't and that's why those questions are in there? Who knows.

It will be interesting to see how 2011 develops. Here in the UK we are approaching a period of vast cutbacks and layoffs in the public sector, an area which has needed streamlining for some time it has to be said. How this affects other areas of business and commerce within the UK remains to be seen as we are all connected in some way or another.

Maybe Osama has had the same considerations and already introduced a series of redundancies?

Let's hope.

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