Friday, 30 April 2010

Happy Ever After

I was very fortunate recently to be invited to the wedding of a good friend of mine, David Stewart. He was marrying a lovely girl called Samantha Millar, and the whole event took place at Balbirnie House Hotel in Fife, and what a grand affair it was.

I first got to know David when he was just eight years old. I was an officer in the Boys' Brigade, and David was coming up through the Junior Section. I ran the company section of the 25th Edinburgh Boys' Brigade Company, and before long David turned eleven and joined my section. Years later David would work for me for a period of time in the deli I once owned, and from there on a strong friendship was formed. Now David is successfully pursuing a career in sound design, and has met the girl of his dreams.

Theirs is a rare internet success story. I've tried internet dating myself a number of times, and have had zero success, and I had never known anyone who was any more successful. But this is exactly how Sam and Dave met. At the time Sam was in Germany and David was living in the Lake District, and it was a long time before they had the opportunity to meet. But meet they did, and the rest, as they say, is history. I first met Sam in 2006 at a party thrown to celebrate the end of my time at the deli, and it was obvious to me from that moment that Sam & David would remain together.

The staff at Balbirnie House Hotel are first class. As you'll know from many a previous blog, I'm big on getting good service, and Balbirnie staff receive top marks. Everything ran smoothly, and it's always a good sign when you don't really notice the staff. The wedding was fabulous, with the room decked out in cream and black, and the hundred or so guests dressed to the nines. David & Sam were having a ball, enjoying being prince and princess for the day.

The cake is worth a special mention: This wasn't just your normal wedding cake. This was a giant green dragon, with a small bride hitching a ride on it's back. Not just that but the cake had special indoor firworks within, and it breathed fire from it's nostrils!

The meal was excellent and all the speeches were very entertaining. Sam's father, Andrew, was understandably emotional, and he set me off! Following the meal the room was reset for the evening, and guests retire to the bar where a number of the evening guests had already arrived. I had decided to stay the night, and managed to sneak off to my room and freshen up away from the crowds before joining everyone. Very civilised.

The music for the evening was provided by the well known Scottish band Calanish, and they played for the entire evening and rocked the place, I have to say. The dance floor was equally impressive. What had been a black marble-looking area, suddenly lit up with hundreds of stars underfoot. Everyone dance al night long, and the time whizzed past, until suddenly, it was all over. After final drinks with the few others who were staying, and David showing off his skills on the piano, we all headed off to our rooms.

The following morning we were all reunited at breakfast, a few, such as the bridesmaids, a bit worse for wear! Sam and Dave were heading off for Florida that afternoon, and I was heading back to Edinburgh, but not before an enjoyable saunter through the grounds with my good friend Pauline, who had joined me that morning.

My best wishes to you, Dave and Sam, Mr & Mrs Stewart.

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