Wednesday, 5 August 2009

News from A & E

There seems to be a great deal of interest in the aftermath of the motorcycle accident last week, and so here is an update.

4th Dimension in Surrey rushed to the scene, actually, to my house, on Thursday 30 July, and took Trigger into triage . . . well, OK, the back of a van.

Off it drove at high speed rushing Trigger to casualty. Well they stalled at the traffic lights if truth be known.

Current reports are that my trusty steed has been stripped down to the chassis and is currently going through a laser alignment test. All replacement limbs have been ordered and those parts that can be saved are currently being re-sprayed. More news will be forthcoming on Monday 10 July.

What impresses me about this company is their attention to detail. This was a low speed crash, with no other vehicle involved, and yet they are being very thorough with it's repair. At the end of it's treatment the bike is taken out on their bespoke test track before being returned.

And me? Well, I'm fine, just missing Trigger! As far as injuries are concerned I thought that I had escaped unscathed. However I have a pulled tendon behind the right knee and a slightly weak ankle. I haven't told Trigger though as he's got enough going on just now and I wouldn't want to worry him and slow his recovery.

Some close friends are now more worried than ever about my adventures on the motorcycle, and one close friend has a colleague who's son lost his life recently in an accident. But in my defence I could be knocked down crossing the street, and riding my mountain bike on the roads is way more dangerous. I have more near misses on a bicycle than I ever do on Trigger. But I am aware that on a few occasions on deserted country roads during my trip away I messed up some corners due to avoiding road debris or white road markings at the last minute. But this has had a positive result as I have now made contact with Lothian & Borders Police to enroll on their motorcycle training course.

Of course now that Trigger and I are having this distance relationship the sun is shining! Typical. I only hope that Trigger's homecoming is bathed in sunshine.

Now, where did I put that bunting?


David said...

Mr Reid here

I have a bike which I call Trigger.

It's, er, a 1990 50 cc Yamaha Townmate.

Not quite in the same league then but funny we should both name our bikes Trigger.

You say you messed up a few many times you dropped this thing then?? Careful chap.

Graham Kitchener said...

Once. And at 300 kilos I need a bit of help lifting it back up!

It's an expensive mistake too so don't fancy making a habit of it.