Monday, 29 June 2009

Toy Story 2 writer

I was lucky enough recently to attend a script workshop with the screenplay writer Doug Chamberlain.  I also met with some fellow writers who were a great bunch and very inspirational.  The workshop was entitled Mastering Hollywood, and contained everything you needed to know about making contacts and living in LA to further your film career.

Doug had some very funny anecdotes of household names in the industry, that he had either come into contact with, or heard a story passed on.

One such story was about the Marx Brothers.  They were trying to think of a way to shock the executive they were pitching an idea to, so they decided to enter his office completely naked. All three of them stood there, smiling from ear to ear.  The executive looked up, didn't react in the way they had hoped for, then pointed at Groucho's groin and calmly said; "Groucho, your flies undone".

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